I Have Something to Say

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John Bowe

Random House

August 11, 2020

240 Pages


John Bowe is a writer. One of his assignments is to write about the art of public speaking, but he realized that, even though he had read every book he could about the subject, he would never really understand public speaking until he actually, gulp, stood up and spoke publicly. So he finally decides to join Toastmasters, to get experience and to learn tips and tricks for mastering the art of talking in front of people.


This is a short little book that probably should have been an even shorter article. It’s fine. It focuses almost entirely on the author’s experience at Toastmasters. And while it’s somewhat interesting to hear him talk about his journey with public speaking, I wanted more practical advice and tips that I could put in to practice for myself. Thankfully, there’s a very good appendix at the end that finally delivers just that, but I hate that I had to wait that long to get to it. So yeah, it was fine—but still not great.

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