The Roommate

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Rosie Danan


September 15, 2020

336 Pages


Clara comes from a wealthy family of socialites, and her mother has lots of strong opinions on what Clara’s life should look like. Clara knows what’s expected of her, and is on track to accomplish what she’s worked so hard for. But as she’s preparing to start her job at the Guggenheim, she realizes it’s just not what she wants anymore. So she does the one thing she’s not allowed to do—she makes a last-minute crazy decision to room with her childhood crush in LA.

Clara’s confidence in her new California adventure evaporates upon landing, when her crush tells her he is actually going on tour with his band for the next three months. But not to worry, Clara will be rooming with a new guy, Josh…who just so happens to be a successful porn star. Clara is shocked and uneasy, but she’s determined to keep the faith and wait it out.

Of course the more time Clara and Josh spend together, the closer they become. They don’t totally get along, and they have wildly different ideas of what “normal” looks like, but they listen to each other and get to understand where the other person is coming from. Eventually conversations lead to sex, female desire, female orgasm, and the steam progresses from there. But can a relationship between an uptight socialite and a popular porn star go anywhere? Josh seems determined to find out, but Clara’s not so sure.


Well, this was a delightful little surprise of a story. Of course it has all the steam you’d expect from a book about a girl who shacks up with a porn star. But it’s also surprisingly thoughtful and even empowering. I thought I’d be a little grossed out or maybe even bored by stereotypes, since…I dunno…porn romance? But author Rosie Danan stays away from the darker side of the industry and any cliche tropes, and instead focuses on female pleasure and empowerment. The characters are fun and engaging, the chemistry between Josh and Clara is hot but never over the top, and the slow-burn story is substantive without ever being preachy. Turns out, I’m a fan! A really fun read if you’re looking for something a teensy bit naughty.

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