Writing Book Reviews During Covid

Just to give you an idea of where my head is at, this is my daughter’s Halloween costume this year. The dancing is just some extra flair she added…

In short, we’re all losing our shit.

And this definitely affects my book reviews. Every time I look at a screen, it’s like my eyes go wonky. I have trouble keeping the words straight and concentrating on what I’m typing. I keep misspelling things and making typos that I don’t even notice until days later. But I have, like, six books to review—that I want to review—and it’s time to get ‘er done.


For the next few weeks (?), months (?), I’ll be relying on each book’s Goodreads synopsis more, and I’ll be writing shorter reviews. It’s not what I want. In fact, it feels like I’m phoning it in and letting myself down. As a type-A perfectionist, it kind of kills me inside to do this. But perfection is the enemy of progress, as Voltaire once said (or maybe Winston Churchill?), and I’d really like to just poop out some quick thoughts on these books and move on with my life, you know? So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m just stating my intention to the universe and to my four faithful readers. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my reviews, and please don’t be disappointed in me.

By the way, owls sleep on their bellies—in case you needed something to make you feel unsettled yet entertained at the same time.

14 thoughts

    1. Oh man, I really appreciate that, thank you. Yeah, I’ve just been off, kinda feeling down to be honest. This actually means a lot that you’d say this, so thank you. 💕


      1. That’s normal, and I go there too- we don’t have some requirement to the world to be happy and “have it together” all the time- contrary to all the messaging we’re bombarded with that say otherwise!

        Just wanted you to know I was thinking of ya, and hope that things get easier soon for you!

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  1. Are you sure that owl doesn’t have Covid? It looks as if it’s in desperate need of intensive care! 😉

    I totally sympathise – I have a backlog of reviews too, all of books dating back to the first couple of months of lockdown when I simply couldn’t get my thoughts together. I’m back to writing reviews for books I’m finishing now, not that there are many of them given my ongoing slump, but still that backlog drags at my heels. I’ve thought of just doing mini-reviews for them too – a pity, but we all have to do what we can to reduce our anxiety levels at the moment. So do whatever you need to do… 😀

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    1. You are 100% speaking my language. Yes! So many backlogged books and backlogged reviews. It does feel like a weight. Normally I would be so much more on top of it. But we’re living in crazy town right now, so what can we do? Just do what we can and slowly make our way through it. Good luck to you and your review-writing, too. Hopefully we can make it through with better form than the owl. 😂

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    1. Somehow my kids exhaust and frustrate me…and yet also keep me going with their delightful weirdness. 😂 If we’re not laughing, we’re crying at this point…


    1. Thank you, I appreciate that. 🙂 And you’re right about the long reviews. Posting a short little blurb is going to feel a bit painful for me, but it is what it is. Something is better than nothing, and I’d rather feel the freedom of DONE. Thanks for the kind comments. 😊

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