One by One

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Ruth Ware

Scout Press

September 8, 2020

384 Pages


A wildly successful but small new tech company is at a crossroads. Will they sell or go public? The eight coworkers decide to go on a ski retreat, counting on a weekend of bonding and play at a beautiful, isolated chalet to help them come to an agreement. But business discussions go south quickly and tensions are clearly running high. When one group member doesn’t make it back from her black diamond run, suddenly everyone’s a suspect. After an avalanche traps them in the cabin, none of the remaining group members knows who to trust. The only goal at this point is to make it out alive.


I’ve been reading a few more thrillers lately, just trying to shake things up a bit. This is my first book from author Ruth Ware, and I enjoyed it! I agree with (many) other reviewers that the killer was totally predictable, but who cares? My standards are probably lower than die-hard mystery readers, but the book was so well written that I didn’t mind letting things play out as I pretty much guessed they would. I wanted an escape, and that’s exactly what I got. No complaints here. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more books by Ware.

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