The White Coat Diaries

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Madi Sinha


September 15, 2020

304 Pages


Norah Kapadia graduated med school at the top of her class and is now starting her medical internship at a very prestigious hospital. She is beyond smart and hardworking. She has spent her entire 20s thus far in the library studying. Norah has few friends, zero romantic relationships (in fact, she’s still a virgin), and no social life to speak of. She tries to help her brother out with their basket case mother as often as she can, but her efforts never seem to be good enough. It doesn’t help that her very traditional Indian mother just wants Norah to settle down and get married already.

But Norah has worked too hard to get where she is, and she refuses to settle for anything less than her dream. Her rockstar doctor father may have died when Norah was young, but she will keep his legacy alive through her work. Never mind that her days as a medical intern have already pushed her past her limits of knowledge, patience, and physical endurance. At this point, she’s so far beyond her comfort zone that she feels like she’s floating outside her sleep-deprived body, just orbiting the shell of her former self in a haze of “is this even real life?” exhaustion. But she knows she’s capable of rising to the challenge and making her father proud. It helps that she’s surrounded by a stellar team of physicians. Also, her chief resident, Ethan Cantor, is a good teacher. Knowledgeable, experienced…and cute. Norah may be a virgin, but a little bit of eye candy never hurt anyone, right?


The publisher describes this book as “Grey’s Anatomy meets Scrubs,” and that is a spot on comparison. The book mostly focuses on Norah’s individual patients and her experiences interacting with other doctors, interns, and nurses. We see her manage the chaos the best she can, sometimes making borderline-crazy decisions borne of inexperience, and sometimes making connections about problems that even the doctors weren’t able to see. The book is fast-paced, super engrossing, and surprisingly lighthearted and fun. It was a five-star read for me until about the 85% mark because….WTH, that ending!! I won’t give anything away, but, seriously, I couldn’t understand Norah’s choices. I had a hard time believing this character would act the way she does—especially leading up to those final pages. I really need someone else to read this book so we can talk about it!

Still, there is no denying that The White Coat Diaries was so much fun to read. I may not have loved the ending—for real, I so wish it had gone a different way, ugh—but I loved reading it. I am definitely keeping author Madi Sinha on my radar. I can’t wait to see what she publishes next.

Thank you so much to Berkley and Net Galley for the ARC!

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