The New Corner Office

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Laura Vanderkam

August 20, 2020

I picked up The New Corner Office during an Amazon flash sale after reading a review for it. What a helpful little powerhouse of a book! It’s short, but it gives a lot of good advice for navigating our Zoom-forward, post-epidemic world.

The three points that helped me the most:

1) Make a to-do list, not a wish list. Keep it short and manageable. Divide it into three sections: career, relationships, and self. This helped me see that I was doing a lot of tasks for everyone else, and not nearly enough for myself or for my own joy or replenishment.

2) Say yes to anything that excites you. (Did the universe just give me permission to pursue my real “dream” goals??!!) Skip anything unimportant that doesn’t float your boat. Not only does it drain you, but after a while you forget that it’s unimportant and that you didn’t even want to be doing it in the first place. Don’t waste your precious time.

3) Have one little adventure each dayβ€”something to make this day different from other days.

I found other helpful advice in here, too, but this is what spoke to me most. Really just a fantastic resource all around for the new work-from-home environment that a lot of us are in right now.

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