The Last Flight

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Julie Clark

Sourcebooks Landmark

June 23, 2020

288 Pages


Claire Cook is married to a powerful senator with presidential ambitions. From the outside, her life seems perfect—and not so long ago, it really was. Claire loved her husband and his family. The money didn’t hurt either. But not too soon after their marriage, her perfect husband turned controlling and eventually abusive, and now Claire feels trapped. If the senator is elected president, she knows there will be no escape.

Claire devises a meticulously-crafted plan to get out and get off the grid. What she doesn’t expect is a last minute change that throws everything off. So when she meets a frantic stranger at the airport who seems desperate to disappear herself, Claire only hesitates a moment before agreeing to switch plane tickets. It’s not a perfect plan, but it will allow both of them just a little more time to disappear. But these women were both running from powerful people, people who will stop at nothing to find them and get to the bottom of their lies. They may have temporarily escaped their old problems, but they ran straight into the danger of someone else’s.


I’ve been reading more thrillers lately, little by little. It’s not my favorite genre, but when one gets stellar reviews, like The Last Flight, I take a chance. I’m so glad I did, because I ended up loving this book! It’s a page-turner, for sure. I connected with both Claire and Eva. Their backstories were believable, and even though both women couldn’t be more different, I connected with them equally. Best of all, I was actually surprised by some of the twists in the story, and I loved the ending. That epilogue is everything. Giving this one five enthusiastic stars!

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