Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop

🐞 🐞 🐞


Roselle Lim


August 4, 2020

304 Pages

I’m so excited to be a part of the blog tour for VANESS YU’S MAGICAL PARIS TEA SHOP! Big thank you to Berkley and Net Galley for the ARC!


Vanessa is a young, single woman who has an uncanny ability to see the future when she looks into her tea cup. Her prophecies come bubbling out of her, and she’s helpless to stop them. Oftentimes she’s delivering bad news (like “your husband is going to cheat on you next year” to a bride-to-be, or “your best friend is having a heart attack right now” to a beloved family member). As a result, many people find her odd and, well, depressing. Vanessa hates her gift but doesn’t know how to stop it, so she tries to isolate herself as much as possible. Her aunt, however, has a similar gift, and she’s determined to help Vanessa control her powers. So it’s off to Paris they go—to teach and to learn, respectively. While Vanessa’s aunt is opening up her first Parisian tea shop, Vanessa ends up having a romantic adventure of her own. It’s all so perfect and magical…what could possibly go wrong?


I didn’t realize when I started reading this that the book was going to have actual magic be such a big part of the story line. You definitely have to suspend belief when you’re reading this one. And it’s okay. Not my usual thing, but it’s fine. If you’re looking for a book to help you escape—and maybe check off every cliche middle-aged woman’s idea of “romance” (for example, random encounters with gorgeous dreamboats on the streets of Paris who cook amazing food for you, lots of descriptions of sumptuous desserts, shopping sprees at high-end Parisian boutiques, over-the-top yet ultimately harmless family drama, happy endings, and no real consequences)—well, you’ll probably want to read this one. Vanessa Yu’s Magical Tea Shop is basically a Hallmark channel movie with magic. It wasn’t my favorite, and it won’t stick with me. But if you’re looking for light and fluffy, we have a match!

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