Party of Two

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Jasmine Guillory

Berkley Books

June 23, 2020

320 Pages


Olivia Monroe has just moved to Los Angeles to start her own law firm with her friend. She’s excited for this new chapter in her life—and she’s not looking for any distractions. While staying at a hotel her first week in town, she meets a man at the bar who is so impossibly gorgeous and so clearly a player that she’s not even a little intimidated by him. (Isn’t it weirdly true that when a guy is so “not an option,” it’s easy to just be yourself?) Olivia enjoys the playful banter with Max and then moves on. Imagine her surprise when she sees him later that day…on TV. Apparently he’s none other than hotshot junior Senator Max Powell.

The two begin to run into each other more often, since they know people in the same circles. Their friendship grows stronger—and then turns into something more. Olivia has her reservations, though. She likes Max, but she has her own life to focus on. And it’s not easy dating someone who is constantly surrounded by press. Olivia doesn’t exactly have a crystal clear past, and as long-buried secrets threaten to emerge, she wonders if her relationship with Max is worth it.


Party of Two is the last book in this five-part series from Jasmine Guillory, and, in my opinion, it’s her strongest yet. It’s grownup, smart. Like Guillory’s other books, the story still relies heavily on a lot of back and forth dialogue—which does get tedious when eeeeevery little thought and feeling is expressed. But for the most part the book moves along nicely.

And I really love Olivia and Max. They have great chemistry and good heads on their shoulders. They’re both intelligent, thoughtful people, just trying to do right by each other. I can stand behind that. Party of Two isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s a fun way to pass an afternoon.

Thank you to Berkley and Net Galley for the ARC!

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