June Recap!

June flew by, but it was a slower month of reading for me. White Fragility and The Girl with the Louding Voice were my only five-star books, but gosh they were both so good. I Was Told It Would Get Easier and A Good Marriage were solidly entertaining. I didn’t care for Something to Talk About and Mother Daughter Widow Wife. Meh, c’est la vie.

The past couple months have been a test of endurance for all of us—though I don’t know how well we’re doing… Does anyone else notice that people are, uh, unraveling? I swear, during the first week of July, it was like a cosmic shift happened—like people started saying, yeah, I can’t do this anymore, and now they’re ping-ponging between hedonism and despair. I’ve known four different people very close to me who’ve had major health complications in the past week alone.

And don’t even get me started on the idiocy of states opening up or people not wearing masks. It’s like we’re all standing in the middle of a burning building, turning to our neighbors with a smile on our faces as we assure each other that, no, it’s definitely not hot in here. It’s been shocking to see how far people will go to remain in denial. And maybe some of that is stupidity, but I think most of it is out of fear.

I’ve been thinking lately about group consciousness. (My husband thinks I’m bananas when I start talking like this, btw…) But I’ve been thinking how our collective energy adds up to something that becomes a force in and of itself. Together, maybe our energy, positive or negative, influences the environment around us. It’s not that crazy of a concept—it’s essentially along the lines of prayer, the idea that a group of people can put their minds together, think the same thing at the same time, and change things. I just feel it in my bones that we’ve hit a turning point. Americans are starting to feel hopelessness on a pretty grand scale, and that has powerful repercussions.

Of course negative “group consciousness” doesn’t explain away long-standing inequalities, gaps in health care coverage for certain groups, and poor leadership (see how diplomatic I am?), let alone excuse the poor life choices many of us have made. There are very tangible reasons why so many people are suffering right now.

But I still like to think that the energy we are putting out can affect our lives—which would mean that when I meditate every night and focus on sending good vibes out into the universe, maybe it does something, you know? Maybe it makes a difference. I dunno. It definitely helps me to think that way, though. Which is better than drinking every night. So I’ll take it.

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  1. You had a great reading month, especially with two 5 star books. I read the three books on the top row and really enjoyed “I Was Told It Would Get Easier” and “Something To Talk About”. And I still need to read White Fragility 🙈

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