Head Over Heels

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Hannah Orenstein

June 23, 2020

Atria Books

336 Pages


Avery Abrams trained her entire life to become an Olympic gymnast. And she would have made it, too, if she hadn’t been injured during her performance at World Championships. When her hopes come crashing down, she spirals, starts partying, and then spends the next seven years in an unfulfilling relationship. After her pro-athlete boyfriend breaks up with her, she’s forced to move back home and start figuring out how to make a life for herself again. When her former teammate, Ryan, asks her to help him coach an aspiring Olympian gymnast he’s been working with, Avery has mixed feelings. She still loves the sport, but she genuinely doubts if she has much to offer anymore. Eventually she agrees and then begins the process of redefining her relationship to gymnastics and her past.


I really loved this book. It’s light and easy to read, of course, which is fun. But it also has some more thoughtful moments sprinkled in there. I’m finding that I appreciate books centered around sports, mostly because the main characters are tough and determined, accustomed to pushing themselves through hardship with minimal whining, while still demonstrating a strong awareness of their bodies and limitations. Avery is relatable in her struggles, but she’s also smart, motivated, and sensible. I so appreciate how she doesn’t follow Ryan around like a puppy, and when he crosses the line in their work relationship, she has no problem putting up boundaries. These are the female characters I like to read about. There’s nothing more endearing to me than a kind woman with a backbone. Head Over Heels is a binge-worthy and uplifting read, and I will be looking for more books from author Hannah Orenstein.

Thank you to Net Galley and Atria for the ARC!

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