She’s Faking It

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Kristin Rockaway

June 30, 2020

Graydon House

384 Pages


Bree Bozeman is struggling. She lives in a disgusting, not-quite-legit apartment over a stranger’s garage, which only reminds her of the loser ex-boyfriend who recently left her. Her car just died, which means she also just lost her job as a food delivery person. She has no money and no idea how she’s going to make her next rent payment.

Her uber-organized and successful sister is quickly losing patience with Bree, so she finally recommends Bree look into the teachings of popular self-help guru, Demi DiPalma, a mega-influencer on Instagram. Bree thinks Demi’s empty platitudes are a joke, but since she’s at rock bottom, she doesn’t have much to lose. She starts voicing her goals and intentions to the universe while repeating affirmations to herself…and, surprisingly, her life starts improving. She gets a new job, creates her own successful Instagram account, and even begins a new relationship.

Things are looking up for a while…until they all go to pieces again. Bree hits a few obstacles with her Instagram account, forgets to pay a few student loan bills, and fumbles some tricky conversations with her new man. Suddenly everything isn’t looking so rosy anymore. Her newfound mantras may not be enough to get Bree through this next wave of troubles, so she will have to dig deep to find the strength necessary to get her life back on track.


Good grief, that was a long synopsis. But Bree has A LOT of ups and downs in her circumstances and relationships, and the book makes space for all of them to fully play out. Despite Bree’s multifaceted train wreck of a life, I still assumed the main focus would be on her romantic relationship with Trey, the hot and famous surfer next door. But it wasn’t! And I was so happy for that. Instead, the most meaningful relationship in this book is Bree’s relationship with herself. Her relationship with her sister is a close second. It was a joy to watch Bree figure out what she wants in life and then to actually get it done. Seeing her apartment go from being a hoard-fest pit to a decluttered and organized peaceful home made my heart go pitter patter. It was just so easy to root for Bree, and I really loved the kinda crazy and entertaining ending. She’s Faking It is such a fun and surprisingly thoughtful summer read.

Thank you to Net Galley and Graydon House for the ARC!

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