Something to Talk About

🐞 🐞 🐞


Meryl Wilsner


May 26, 2020

336 Pages


Jo is an award-winning writer for an uber-popular TV series. She’s great at her job—even if she is outwardly cold and somewhat standoffish—and it’s no wonder she’s just been selected to be the head writer for an upcoming action movie. Emma is Jo’s assistant who keeps the ship running smoothly, anticipating Jo’s every need, sometimes even before Jo is aware of those needs herself.

Jo gets tired of answering tough questions about her new movie project, though, so instead of going stag yet again to another awards show, she decides to bring a glammed up Emma to act as a buffer. What she doesn’t expect is for the paparazzi to snag a photo of Jo and Emma laughing together, looking relaxed, gorgeous, and, whoops, smitten with each other on the red carpet. Rumors swirl and suddenly the two women become the center of an are-they-aren’t-they gossip scandal. Jo may be used to the extra attention, but Emma isn’t. Time passes, but the rumors don’t, and now Emma is feeling overwhelmed and confused. Are they just coworkers? Jo will have to decide how to handle the situation…and her feelings for Emma.


I was excited to read this book based on the description. It was giving me Red, White, and Royal Blue feelz, and I was ready for that slow burn romance to unfold. Unfortunately, Something to Talk About is too much of a slow burn. The story doesn’t move quickly enough, and I had trouble connecting to the characters, especially Jo. I get the whole “sexy and reserved boss” angle, but she never became anything more than that.

And while we’re talking about sexy bosses… I hate that this is a romance between an executive and her assistant. I don’t care that they’re both women, it’s still sleazy. Any time you have a relationship between two people who so clearly have unequal amounts of power (did I mention that Emma is like ten years younger than Jo?), it’s just gross. I couldn’t get behind it, so I felt mildly annoyed at their relationship through the whole book.

In short, not my favorite read. It had potential but never quite grabbed me.

Thank you to Berkley for the ARC!

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