The Second Home

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Christina Clancy

St. Martin’s Press

June 2, 2020

352 Pages


Ann Gordon can’t believe her parents are really dead. They’ve been her dependable lifeline for all these years, and now they’re just…gone. After everything that happened that one awful summer, she hasn’t been back to the family’s Cape Cod home, but now that she has to dissolve the estate, she has no choice. When she shows up to the small, decrepit house, she has every intention of selling it. Even her sentimental, free-spirited sister, Poppy, seems okay with letting the past go and moving on. But when their estranged brother shows up with a claim to the estate, all hell breaks loose. Family secrets resurface…and new secrets emerge. Can these three siblings find a way to dissolve their parents estate and maybe find a little peace and healing in the process?


Gosh, I loved this book. I’m a sucker for family dramas, and this one did not disappoint. I loved the layers of mystery and the broad development of each sibling’s character. I felt like I knew this family. They didn’t always make the most mature decisions, but I empathized with their struggles, and I had no problem feeling connected to them.

My only minor gripe is with the main event that sets allllll the drama in motion. Let’s just say that two siblings who knew and loved each other allowed themselves to be manipulated by an outside force that I’m not sure would actually have the power to accomplish what he did. It was hard for me to believe that these characters would behave the way they did at such a crucial moment in the story. So I’m taking a full star off for that. But that doesn’t change the fact that I DEVOURED The Second Home in less than two days. It’s a bingeable read for sure, and I still highly recommend it.

Big thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the ARC.

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