All Adults Here

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Emma Straub

Riverhead Books

May 4, 2020

368 Pages


All Adults Here is a story about a family in transition. Astrid Stick just witnessed a woman she knew (and didn’t particularly like) get hit by a bus and die. Now she’s taking her life into her own hands again and deciding what she really wants, to hell with what other people (including her children) think. Of course, her three children are going through their own drama, too. Elliot has everything he’s ever wanted–a good job, a loving wife, and lively children–but he still can’t shake the feeling that he’s not measuring up. Porter is a train wreck as far as relationships go, but she’s ready to be a parent, even if she’s still making childish decisions. And lovable Nicky and his gorgeous wife feel in over their heads when their daughter gets into some major drama with a school friend. They panic and ship her off to live with Grandma Astrid, since surely Astrid’s life couldn’t be more crazy than theirs, right?


This book had all the makings of a fantastic story. I love a good family drama! And admittedly, the last 25% of the book is rock solid, five stars all the way. Unfortunately, it took SO LONG for something to actually HAPPEN between these characters. I kept waiting for them to interact in a meaningful way and for the whole story to finally come together. When it finally did, it was great, but I still resent having to wait so long for that 5-star finish! I’d probably give the book 3.5 stars if I could, but I decided to round up to 4 stars. All Adults Here is entertaining enough, but it could have been so much more. Feels like a missed opportunity.

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