One Perfect Summer

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞


Brenda Novak


April 7, 2020

400 Pages


This is a story about three women who discover they are half-sisters after taking an online DNA test. They decide to meet up to try to figure out how they can possibly be related, since all three live in different parts of the US and don’t seem to share the same parents. Of course the women are going through some major life changes: Serenity is dealing with her husband’s trial and the subsequent collapse of their marriage, Reagan is navigating some complicated romantic relationships at work, and Lorelei is trying to decide if she’s going to stick with her husband (and his now-pregnant side-girlfriend) or if she and their daughter are ready to start over somewhere new.


I enjoyed watching the relationships between these sisters develop. The characters are likable and sympathetic, and there was just enough drama to keep me interested but not overwhelmed. The setting (in Lake Tahoe, California) couldn’t be more gorgeous.

I did think the three women were a little too “neat” for me–like even when they did something bad, they still felt immediate remorse and the appropriate level of guilt. The women are flawed, but not so flawed that they challenge boundaries in any way. It all stays very safe. I also didn’t like how tedious the explanations about feelings could get–like a character says something, then we spend the next paragraph analyzing why she said it and how she feels now and what might happen next. I wish the plot had developed more quickly.

I still enjoyed the story. This is a great beach read, that perfect book to sink into when you want to forget about life.

Thank you Mira and Amazon Vine for the ARC!

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