The Book of Second Chances

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Katherine Slee

Forever Books

May 5, 2020

368 Pages


Emily’s beloved grandmother and famous children’s book author, Catriona, has just passed away from cancer. The two had relied solely on each other for years, ever since a tragic car accident took the lives of Emily’s parents and left Emily severely injured (and eventually agoraphobic). Now, with her grandmother gone, Emily is beside herself with grief and uncertain of how she will go on.

To make matters worse, while reading over her grandmother’s will, Emily discovers that she won’t inherit the house she’s lived in for years unless she agrees to complete a set of tasks outlined by Catriona—almost like a scavenger hunt—within the next two weeks. Emily hardly feels up to the challenge, but since homelessness would make her situation decidedly worse, she agrees to set out on one first-and-final adventure.


This book has a slow, sloooooow start. Prepare yourself. But if you can make it past the first 100 pages, you will be rewarded with a really lovely, thoughtful, and moving story. The last half of the book brought honest-to-God tears to my eyes, and I loved getting to know Emily’s grandmother through the people she left behind, the people she loved most. The lesson to live your life with a spirit of adventure, to take risks while still being true to yourself, is so beautifully illustrated in Catriona’s life. It’s just a story, I know, but she is an inspirational character for me. I really wish the story had moved along more quickly at the start, but I sure did love where it ended up.

Thank you to Forever Books and Amazon Vine for the ARC.

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