March Recap!

Man, what a shitty month March was. Can we all agree on that? My family started taking covid-19 very seriously early on, so we are already on our fourth week of quarantine. We haven’t left the house for anything but fenced-in backyard time or walking the dog. Even all our groceries have been delivered (class privilege, I know). I think this is the hazard (or blessing?) of being an English major—once you’ve read Camus’s The Plague, there’s no turning back.

Some things I’ve learned over the past few weeks:

  • I’m a terrible kindergarten teacher. After an hour of apps and activities and printouts and assigned yoga stretches, I become murderous.
  • My oldest son can be taught! He has proven himself capable of phenomenal organizational skills with just a teensy bit of guidance (and many, many meltdowns). I feel like we’ve really accomplished something.
  • I have less time to read than ever, which is tough.
  • My eyebrows are basically a jungle in their natural state.
  • I can go three full weeks without wearing a bra and feel just fine about it.
  • Apparently, my husband will eventually get bored enough to make a sourdough starter and then turn it into the most gorgeous, delicious sourdough loaf I’ve ever eaten.
  • I’m stronger than I think. Also more resourceful.
  • It doesn’t take long for my house to look like a Michael’s store threw up in it.
  • I clean the house and do laundry constantly. Daily. Hourly. It’s torture.
  • My kids are the sweetest assholes around. Truly, when I haven’t hated being stuck in a house with them listening to their nonstop whining and bickering, I’ve really loved spending quality time with each of them. Having the time to talk with them, listen to them pontificate about death and life and suffering and what it means to be happy or at least live a good life has been just lovely. They are very interesting people.
  • Last, when you’re locked in a cage with your spouse, you will definitely have more “keep the peace/I’m bored” sex than you ever imagined. I don’t know who’s happier that I’m around all day: my husband or my dog.

But on to books! Despite the chaos of world circumstances, I actually had a really good month of reading. All four- and five-star reads, which is pretty incredible. Click on the title below each cover for my full review.



In closing, I know we’ve all seen this by now, but seriously how cute is the whole Hamilton cast singing to little Audrey, who just barely missed seeing the musical in New York because of covid? You can watch the whole episode or just fast forward to 9:30. Enjoy!

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