February Recap!

So has everyone watched Love Is Blind on Netflix?

A bunch of strangers “date” each other for two weeks—but all while separated by a partition, so they can’t see each other. You’d think there’s no way anyone could form a connection that way, but some of these crazies say “I love you” after four days.

My husband and I are almost done with the show, and it’s amazing. Truly garbage TV at its finest. I know I should be ashamed of myself, but, you know what, sometimes you need a break from Trump, the Democratic primaries, coronavirus, and the list goes on.

On to books. I read and reviewed six in February. I read a lot more, but I’ve been struggling to sit down and actually write the reviews. Man, my brain is tired. But here’s what I did manage to write. As always, click on the title below each cover to see my full review.




So there you have it. Anyone have any favorite books they’re looking forward to reading in March? I’m most looking forward to reading What You Wish For by Katherine Center and Wild at Heart by KA Tucker. They’re both favorite authors of mine.

Happy reading in March! And if you’re not already, I hope you’ll consider following me on Instagram! I always follow fellow book nerds back. 🙂

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