The Grace Kelly Dress

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Brenda Janowitz

Graydon House Books

March 3, 2020

384 Pages


In 1956, Grace Kelly fulfills every Disney dream imaginable and marries her real-life prince in a grand and luxurious wedding. Her elegant four-piece wedding gown becomes an instant inspiration to millions of brides around the world, and seamstresses are inundated with requests for wedding dresses in the gown’s likeness.

Two years later, Rose, an atelier in a small but renowned Parisian bridal shop, works with a young bride who has requested a dress very similar to Grace Kelly’s but with a modern edge. Rose is young but an excellent designer, so she feels up to the challenge. What she doesn’t expect is to be so attracted to the bride’s brother…who also happens to be engaged, yikes. After many emotional twists and turns, she’ll complete the dress—but her life will never be the same.

Fast forward sixty years, Rocky (born Rachel) is preparing for her own wedding. Her mother, Joan, insists that she wear the same Grace Kelly-inspired dress that was passed down to her, but Rocky wants no part of it. It’s not her, and though she doesn’t want to hurt her mom’s feelings, she just can’t reconcile this lacy, elegant gown with her short purple hair, tattoos, and edgy tech CEO personality. But what Rocky doesn’t understand is that her mother has her own reasons for wanting to keep the wedding dress in the family. It isn’t until Rocky works up the courage to tell Joan how she really feels that she finally learns why Joan has such strong feelings about Rocky’s wedding and, especially, the dress.


I don’t usually love historical fiction, but I devoured this book in a matter of hours. The writing is beautiful and surprisingly suspenseful. I was flipping pages like crazy, desperate to know how all the women’s stories would finally connect and come together. I loved seeing how the dress impacted all three generations of women, and I appreciated how unique each story was. What united all of them, though, was their drive to connect with and support the people they loved—not only their romantic partners, but, more powerfully, their mothers and sisters. It’s just a really beautiful book.

The Grace Kelly Dress comes out March 3, and if you enjoy historical fiction even a little bit, I’m telling you, you NEED to read this one!

Big thank you to Graydon House and Amazon Vine for the ARC!

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