An Everyday Hero

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Laura Trentham

St. Martin’s Griffin

February 4, 2020

336 Pages


Greer Hadley went to Nashville to make it big. But after ten years of performing at dive bars with no record deal in sight, she’s back at home in Madison, Tennessee feeling lost and sorry for herself. After too many drinks her first night back, she attacks a juke box at a local bar and then kicks the officer sent to arrest her.

The punishment for her crimes is community service hours at a local nonprofit that helps veterans and their families through music. This is where she meets Ally Martinez, a fifteen-year old “goth” girl who’s father was recently killed in action. And it’s also where Greer reluctantly reintroduces herself to local legend and all around golden boy, Emmett Lawson—or at least he was a legend until he came home from combat in Afghanistan missing a leg. Now he’s a drunk who feels lost and low, but who has managed to push away anyone who ever cared for him. Greer plans on completing her time at the nonprofit quickly so she can move on, but Ally and Emmett give her a sort of lifeline she didn’t even realize she needed. Now she wants to find a way to help them both heal some of their pain—and hopefully find some healing for herself in the process.


I enjoyed this book. It’s a little cheesy and predictable, and the writing isn’t going to make you weep or anything. But the story is heartfelt and the characters are relatable. Plus, I like reading about people who are just average—who try and fail, who have strengths but also a lot of weaknesses, and who have to find a way to push through the hard stuff. The ending was definitely a little tidy, but, gosh, it sure made me feel good. And sometimes that’s exactly what you want. Overall, a quick and satisfying story that made me feel light and hopeful.

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin for the ARC!

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