January Recap!

Well, shucks, I’ve been sticking to my plan to read 45 minutes each day and to write reviews one day each week—and it’s paying off! I read and reviewed fourteen books this month. Ten reviews went live in January, and four will post in February. That’s probably one of my best reading months ever, so I feel pretty great about it. The ten books I reviewed this month are below. As always, click on the title below the cover to see my full review.




I also read Love Her or Lose Her (vomit), Talking to Strangers (did Malcolm Gladwell just quietly exonerate rapists like Brock Turner and Jerry Sandusky?), Undercover Bromance (beyond amazing), and The Second Chance Club (depressing but educational). Look for reviews for all four in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone has a great February!

5 thoughts

  1. Hello! I followed you after you commented on my blog (and I just found your comment in my pending folder – doh!) and it looks like you’re reading some interesting stuff here. I transcribed MG talking about the new book and I wasn’t hugely convinced about it, I have to say, and will look for your review with interest.

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