New Years Resolutions vol. 2020

I say this every January, but, man, I sure do love the New Year. It’s a fresh start. It’s a chance to reevaluate your priorities, to look back and see what you accomplished and how you’ve grown. It’s the best.

Last year, I said I wanted to focus on what I really enjoyed in 2019. I wanted to not compare myself so much to other people, and I wanted to be content focusing on the activities I truly enjoyed while tuning out the rest. And I’m happy to say, I did! And it made me feel better about life!

Some bookish goals that I’m happy about:

  • I met my Goodreads challenge goal for 2019 (85/80 books). I’ve increased my reach on Goodreads, too, and I consistently receive book requests from publishers through the site, which is cool.
  • I started a new bookstagram account—and while I’m happy that I managed to rope in a good chunk of followers, I’ve actually made legit book friends (some even irl!) through my account. It’s not life-changing, but it’s been fun.
  • I’m still a Top 50 reviewer on Amazon. Again, not life-changing, but it brings me a bit of happiness.

Personally, I met some pretty big non-bookish goals this year, too. I earned my Master Gardener title through the University of Illinois, and I reactivated my social work license (from a previous lifetime…), too. How I’m going to weave all of these pursuits together into some cohesive story is beyond me right now, but hopefully the universe will provide.

As for 2020… I have some personal and professional goals mapped out. I’ve decided that my number one priority is my own good state of mind—a calm state of mind. I’d like to feel like I’m running my life, instead of the other way around. And to that end I’ll be meditating every single day. I’ll also be balancing my obligations better—as in, I’m going to stop trying to do EVERYTHING, and instead I’m going to focus my attention and time on a few favorite pursuits. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s out.

So what does make the cut, you ask? Well, reading and gardening, no question. I’d like to keep my interactions up on Instagram and Amazon, and boost them on Goodreads. But I’ve decided I’m going to (try to) do that in a less aggressive way. Instead of focusing on reading every BUZZWORTHY NEW RELEASE, I’m going to take my time reading the books I actually want to read. I’m going to read what I already have on my shelves. In fact, I may have even made a promise to myself that I won’t buy ANY new books this year (Book of the Month and Advanced Reader Copies are exceptions). Eek, will I actually be able to accomplish this one? I don’t know…

And in the summer months I’ll continue to volunteer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I’m hoping to make my mark on our new yard at home, too. It’s big and overgrown, and I’m basically counting down the days until it’s cold enough for me to do some rejuvenation pruning. Yaaaaaaasssssss!

That’s where I’m at. That’s where it be. This has been an incredibly long and self-indulgent post all about me, but it’s good to put these things down in writing. It creates intention. I’m hopeful that 2020 is going to be a good year. It’s just in the air. I can feel it. Cheers and happy new year to anyone who’s been patient enough to read to this point. Sending love into the ether.

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