December Recap!

I reviewed four books in December, and only one was a five-star read. Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness was a roller coaster ride, but I loved it.

Good Husbandry, about an upper middle-class city girl who buys a farm with her husband and slowly figures out how to make homesteading work for her, was a solid read.

We Met in December and Meg & Jo were both fine books, but ultimately forgettable. Sorry to all the Little Women fans out there. It’s just not my thing…

Mostly, December was a month of rest for me. After our move in September, after all three kids got sick back to back to back, after finishing up the extensive garden work at my kid’s school, after so many contractors were in and out of our house over the past four months to fix allllll of the issues that have come up since we moved in… well, it’s been nice to not do much of anything.

I spend my days mostly taking care of the kids, true. But in my free time, I’m reading and walking the dog. I’m swimming, meditating, breathing, writing. I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up this year, and it’s got me thinking about a lot of things—about what is most important to me, about what I want to spend my time doing. I finally feel like traveling again, even though it kinda scares me to, uh, try new things. I feel like going out to dinner with my husband and playing board games with the kids so I can really just talk and hang out with them (you know, when they aren’t screaming at each other and having meltdowns because one of them is winning, so the other two have to cry or, in the case of my five-year old, flip everyone the bird over and over again while cackling with delight…). After such a stressful few months, I’m pretty happy just chilling out for a while.

I know not many people actually read this little book blog of mine, but I’m grateful to those of you who care about what I have to say, even just a little bit. I truly mean it when I say that I wish you all a fantastic year. I hope 2020 is full of hope and promise and growth and acceptance and peace. And I would really, really love if it ended with a little less Trump, too, not gonna lie. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Happy New Year, everyone!

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