Would Like to Meet

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GP Putnam’s Sons

December 3, 2019

336 Pages


Twenty-nine-year old Evie Summers is stuck in a job that she kinda likes with a boss who she really doesn’t—and even though she should have been promoted like yesterday, it sure looks like that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Things get even worse when Evie’s boss discloses that their screenwriting agency is about to go under…unless Evie can get their hotshot top client, Ezra Chester, to actually produce the romantic comedy screenplay he’s been promising them for months.

When Evie meets with Ezra, he tells her that he simply can’t produce the pages because he has writer’s block. Almost as a joke, Evie offers to provide inspiration for Ezra through her own life. She promises to set up meet cutes with strangers until she falls in love with one of them. She’ll send him a write-up of each encounter, and he will use her humiliation as his muse. Ezra agrees, and Evie finds herself on some of the most unconventional and awkward dates of her life.


This was a surprisingly fresh take on a tried-and-true “love to hate” romcom set-up. There are a lot of predictable elements: the gay bff, a witty and slightly snarky group of girlfriends, a widower with a heart of gold, a crappy and incompetent boss, a love triangle, etc. But there was also a lot of unexpected depth to the characters and the story. I genuinely wasn’t sure where Evie’s romantic life was going to end up, because she had a couple different well-developed (and believable) relationships happening at once. And even though I fully expected Evie to blossom with newfound self-confidence by the end, I still loved how she was able to achieve it.

This was a really fun read overall! Well-written, creative, entertaining, and even unexpected. This is author Rachel Winters’s debut novel, but I’m already anticipating her next book.

Thank you Amazon Vine and GP Putnam’s Sons for the ARC!

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