The Confession Club

🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞

Elizabeth Berg

Random House

November 19, 2019

304 Pages

I think this pic pretty much perfectly captures the feel of The Confession Club: cozy and warm, homey and comforting.

It’s about a group of women who get together to talk about things they’ve done that make them feel ashamed or uneasy. Which sounds super heavy, but it’s actually a really lighthearted and sweet read. The women range in age from 20-somethings to octogenarians, and their confessions are a mix of serious misdeeds to funny little nothings. Taken as a whole, the book made me feel hopeful and happy, which I appreciate more and more these days… Here is one of my favorite quotes:

Oh, they knew they were mostly silly. They enjoyed being silly, because sometimes you just needed to take a load off. For Pete’s sake. You just needed a little levity, and you needed to be on the right side of the yellow light shining out from the dining room window, you needed to be in that pocket of place where you were unequivocally welcome and could at any time slip right out of your shoes.

FYI, this is actually the third book in the “Mason” series. Author Elizabeth Berg has written two other books that also take place in Mason, Missouri. I’ve never read those books (and probably won’t, honestly), but I didn’t need to have read them to follow along with The Confession Club. Overall, this was a simple and sweet story, and I enjoyed it.

Thank you Amazon Vine and Random House for the ARC!

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