A Warning

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November 19, 2019

272 Pages

I received A Warning in the mail this afternoon and devoured it within a few hours. The book is written by a senior official in the White House, we don’t know who. It’s written well—very matter of fact but also engaging. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a book directed more toward liberals, but I was surprised to find that it’s much more a book written for Republicans by a Republican—kind of a plea to rethink what the party stands for.

The book is divided into eight chapters:

Chapter 1 talks about a group within the White House called the “Steady State.” The author describes this group as “people behind the scenes who keep the wheels from coming off the White House wagon” by guiding Trump toward better, less crazy decisions. But the author says this group is all but gone now, since most people have quit or been fired by volatile Trump. So the author is writing this book because the people need to know who Trump is.

Chapter 2 is about character, what makes a good leader, and how Trump basically doesn’t possess any of the necessary qualities (like courage, bravery, level-headedness, mental stability, loyalty, fairness, etc.) to be considered one.

Chapter 3 is how Trump isn’t even an actual Republican. What was especially interesting to me is how much Trump has expanded the government and driven up the deficit. Did you know that he took our deficit from $587 billion (from when Obama left office) to over $1 trillion currently? And he is on track to add another $2 trillion in debt over the next decade.

Chapter 4 gives Trump’s record on undercutting democracy, either through revealing government secrets and putting soldiers at risk or wanting to prosecute and persecute anyone who challenges him or undercutting his own intelligence community.

Chapter 5 talks about how badly Trump has damaged our international reputation and put us all in danger by alienating our allies while cozying up to dictators who don’t even support us.

Chapter 6 is about how Trump talks like he’s, well, straight out the trailer even when he’s standing in front of the White House—how he uses his words to lie, insult and divide people, and encourage mob rule.

Chapter 7 is about the newest wave of staffers in Trump’s White House. The author describes them as confrontational, critical, catty, vicious, incompetent, insecure, and easily manipulated. S/he also describes the environment as completely leaderless.

Chapter 8 argues how important it is to get Trump out of the White House using proper channels—no impeachment or takeover by the Vice President. The author believes the best way to get a new president is to elect one on Voting Day.

What an intriguing read! I was already familiar with a lot of the highlights of Trump’s presidency, but the book still gave me some insights into both Trump and the Republican party. And the Democratic party, too, actually. I’m going to be thinking about this book for a while.

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9 thoughts

  1. Sounds interesting, especially the Republican slant – like you I thought it’d be written for Democrats. I just wish whoever it was had put his/her name to it. I can see why s/he didn’t but it’s time for people to come forward and speak openly I think. I’m one of those allies he’s alienated – I’m afraid it will take a long, long time for America to recover its reputation in the world…

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    1. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the anonymous part at first either. But I love the argument the author makes about our forefathers writing anonymous essays when the US was still in its infancy and arguing about a constitution. I think it is ok for the ideas to be front and center, not a person. I think we all know that Trump would have bent over backwards to dig up any dirt and criticize the person mercilessly if he knew who the author was. He’s all about retaliation when someone disagrees with him, so I can understand why someone would be hesitant to voice a dissenting opinion—especially while still working in the White House… If you read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 😃

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  2. Amazing review! You’re changing my mind about this one, I figured I’d gotten the most important highlights already from the news but I see there’s clearly much more to it. And also this line actually made me lol: “Chapter 6 is about how Trump talks like he’s, well, straight out the trailer” HA!

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    1. It had more substance than I was expecting! And it’s just interesting to hear a Republican talk reasonably but critically about Trump. It helped me understand their perspective a little. I get so numb to the extremes that I tune them out, but this author’s points made sense to me. I hope you do read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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      1. That’s really interesting to me too, being able to hear a Republican talk reasonably but critically about him. It’s been so disappointing to see so many of them go sycophantic and spineless around him. But it feels like there’s no way forward unless we can understand the other sides’ perspective.


    1. That’s how I felt too—like maybe I already knew everything he was going to say. And of course I’m familiar with the high points of Trump’s presidency. But it was definitely interesting to hear a Republican talk like this (critically) about Trump. It’s a different perspective, and I appreciated his advice to Republicans and Democrats alike on how to move forward. He brought something new to the table for me.

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