Christmas in Vermont

🐞 🐞 🐞

Anita Hughes

St. Martin’s Press

October 15, 2019

304 Pages


Emma walks into a New York pawn shop and finds the personalized watch she gave her ex-boyfriend years ago. Although she’s never forgotten Fletcher, she’s startled to be reminded of him like that and wonders if it’s a sign. Fresh off a breakup, she decides to look Fletcher up online, and she eventually tracks him down to an inn in Vermont. She decides to take a holiday vacation there to see if sparks will still fly between them. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she sees Fletcher happily enjoying himself…with his daughter and new fiance. Disappointed, Emma resolves to go back to New York and forget all about her foolish ideas of second-chance romance. But when the weather makes that impossible, Emma is forced to interact with Fletcher and his daughter. Soon, the three are wrapped up in a scheme to save the inn from foreclosure—and with all the time they’re spending together, Emma can’t deny that her feelings for Fletcher are still there. But does he feel the same?


This is a sweet but mindless holiday read. It is basically totally unrealistic, full of privileged white people leisurely enjoying their wealth and minor torments. It has its charm—I did like the descriptions of quaint, small-town life, and baked goods—but there were a couple aspects that were annoying, too. Everyone in this book is living the luxe life: expensive destination vacations, car service travel accommodations, cashmere every where you look. Which is fine, but posh circumstances tend to make whiny characters even more aggravating.

But what really irked me was Emma’s interaction with Fletcher’s daughter, Lola. As Lola struggles with a new relationship dynamic with her dad post-divorce, she understandably feels at times ignored, criticized, replaced, etc. And almost every time she expresses this to Emma, Emma only undercuts her experience by reassuring Lola that her feelings couldn’t possibly be true. Oh no, it can’t be that bad! Oh no, I’m sure your new step mom thinks you’re amazing! Oh no, you should be excited to have a new baby brother! It’s pretty terrible. And it’s irritating to read.

Still, the feeling I’m left with after finishing Christmas in Vermont is pleasant mehness. It was an okay story, but I’m already starting to forget it.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the ARC!

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