Permission to Feel

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Celadon Books

September 3, 2019

304 Pages


Marc Brackett is a professor at Yale who studies emotional intelligence, especially in children. Through his research at Yale University’s Child Emotional Center, he’s come up with a science-based system called RULER that helps kids better process and express their emotions. He’s already implemented his method at hundreds of schools across the country and seen very positive (and quick) results.

The book is divided into three parts. Part One talks about what emotions are and how to become an emotion scientist. Part Two describes the RULER skills. And Part Three is all about putting the RULER system to work in everyday life.


I really loved this book. Brackett provides so much insight on how to help kids recognize their emotions, understand them, label them, express them in a way that helps them actually get heard, and then—most important in my household (myself included)—regulate them.

My favorite part of this book was learning about coping methods for emotional regulation: eat well, sleep well, exercise, breathe deeply, work on establishing good relationships, and cultivate hobbies. So simple, but I’ve really been focusing on helping my kids do these things, and I’m noticing positive differences already.

In short, Permission to Feel is such an informative read. I learned so much, and I continue to use his advice to help myself and my family on a daily basis.

Thank you to Celadon Books for the ARC!

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