Twice in a Blue Moon

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Gallery Books

October 22, 2019

368 Pages


Because of her famous actor father, Tate Jones has been sheltered her whole life. Ever since her parents split when she was young, Tate’s mom has gone above and beyond to keep Tate out of the spotlight. When her mom surprises her with a trip to Europe with her grandmother, Tate is over the moon excited. She isn’t expecting to meet anyone for the few weeks she’s abroad, so when Sam Brandis and his grandfather show up at Tate’s hotel, she can barely process the rush of feelings she has for him. The two hit it off quickly, and Tate takes a chance and reveals who she is. Sam is nothing but accepting and caring, so when he outs her to a media outlet just a few days later, Tate is destroyed. Not only is she completely unprepared to be in the public eye again, she is positively heartbroken at Sam’s betrayal.

Flash forward fourteen years, and Tate is now a famous actress in her own right. She’s set to start shooting one of the most important films of her career, when, who of all people is on set but, Sam, now a screen writer. Tate is determined to ignore him and conceal her conflicted feelings, but Sam seems desperate to tell her his side of the story. Tate has to give the best performance of her life, all while trying to decide if she can trust Sam again.


I love a good Christina Lauren book. These women really know how to write fun and slightly steamy modern romance novels. And, for the most party, I really enjoy their stories. Twice in a Blue Moon is a solid read. Not my favorite from them, but definitely better than their last book, The Unhoneymooners. I don’t love books about actors, but this one was surprisingly heartfelt. I thought the relationship between Tate and Sam was developed nicely. The story made sense and flowed well. Tate’s father was a real scumbag, and it was fun to hate him so much.

My biggest complaint about the book is that it was hard for me to believe that Tate could EVER get over what Sam did to her. He betrays her on the deepest level, and, for me, that’s not something you can move past, no matter what the motivation. So even though this book was quick and entertaining, it didn’t totally ring true, and I had trouble fully connecting. Still worth reading, though.

Big thank you to Net Galley and Gallery Books for the ARC!

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