July Recap!

My son has been getting up every night at 4am for the past week, bursting into our bedroom with all the intensity of a five-year old who’s just had a nightmare. After I calm him down and put him back in bed, I can never fall back asleep. So here I am. I figure I may as well finally do my July recap, now that we’re almost halfway through August…

I read seven books in July, though I didn’t review all of them. Well, I did review all of them, but some just got the short, one-sentence feedback on Goodreads. Most were solid four-star reads (The Wilder Girls, A Stranger on the Beach, The Last Book Party, and The Wedding Party), but The Most Fun We Ever Had was amazing, one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life. It cannot be missed. Also, the author, Claire Lombardo, is very active on social media, so every time I tagged her on Instagram to say how much I loved the book, she always responded with something positive. I love when authors do that.

Ironically, I didn’t write an extensive review for Sell It Like Serhant, but that was one of my favorite books of the month. It helped me feel better about our current predicament, which is that we can’t seem to sell our house. We are moving in two weeks, and though it’s been nice to be able to have a place to live while the new house is getting floors refinished, etc., I’d really, really love to have our current house sold. Like, yesterday. We had one offer and two other very interested families all fall through at the same time within the past week—all within 24 hours and all right after the mass shootings. I can’t help but think it’s connected. Two of the three families literally said almost verbatim: “Your house is our favorite, but we’d like to see how the market plays out.” I think this social and political climate has us all on edge…

I just keep trying to channel my Internal Mother and tell myself that it will work out eventually. Have you heard of that concept before? I read about it in a parenting book years ago, and it stuck with me. Your Internal Mother is basically that voice inside that tells you everything is going to be okay. Some of us have internalized that voice from a caring and calm parent, but the rest of us have had to develop that voice on our own (usually over many, many years of struggle). Sometimes I help myself visualize what my Internal Mother would say by getting a little “help” from my neighbor’s parents. Her parents visit her family all the time, always cheerful and easy-going, offering to watch the kids, cook, clean, vacuum the car, go grocery shopping, you name it. It’s insane. And kind of lovely. I think about what they would say to their daughter in this situation. They’d say, “We’ve been there. It will all work out. We’ll be there to support you.” It’s amazing how much these imaginary (and possibly slightly creepy?) conversations help calm me down.

Anyhoo, it’s been a stressful few weeks, but I’m looking forward to finally moving, for my kids to start school, for my five-year old to get back into a routine so he stops waking up in a panic each morning at 4am. I think we’re almost there.

I hope everyone is having a good August. I wish nothing but good books for all, so we can distract ourselves from the 24/7 garbage news. Can someone please just wake me up when it’s over? ❤️

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