Her Husband’s Mistake

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Sheila O’Flanagan


May 30, 2019

448 Pages

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Roxy and Dave have been married for over twenty years. They love each other and have seen each other through all the ups and downs of life, even through the death of Roxy’s dad just recently.

Or at least that’s what Roxy thought before she walked in on her husband having sex with the bimbo divorcee next door.

In an instant, Roxy’s life is turned upside down. She takes the kids to her mother’s house and finds solace in her job as a chauffeur while she decides whether to forgive and forget, or ditch Dave completely.

If this were American chick lit, Roxy would completely lose herself in the mess of her husband’s affair and have countless weepy conversations with her sarcastic, feisty friends, while Dave eventually got what was coming to him. But this is the Irish version, so, instead, Roxy solidly keeps her ish together and takes a much more calm and balanced approach. She goes to work every day and cares for her children. She tries to relieve the emotional and financial burdens of her recently-widowed mother. She remains thoughtful while she processes her feelings and considers her options. It’s all very grown up.

Infidelity isn’t treated in black and white terms here. Dave isn’t all evil just because he cheats—and neither are the other characters who we eventually discover have some major secrets of their own. Everything is nuanced, a grey area, with no one “right” way to handle any of it. It’s all so very British.

I thought it was especially interesting that despite infidelity being the central conflict, the main focus of the book is actually family relationships—and especially the importance of a strong mother-daughter relationship. There will be no knight in shining armor to come save Roxy—instead, it will be her dedication to her family and her willingness to discover her true self within that system that will see her through.

Ultimately, I loved that this is a book about a woman who can handle her business, who is calm and clearheaded, even while struggling with major drama. Her Husband’s Mistake is a solidly enjoyable read.

Thank you to Amazon Vine for the ARC!

3 thoughts

  1. There’s something to be said about honouring the heroes that are women just ‘getting through the day’ with limited resources. As a (mostly) stay-at-home mother myself, I now realize how tough that can really be sometimes!

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