The Seduction Expert


Saya Lopez Ortega

VSP Publishing

May 27, 2019

174 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon


The Baroness is an expert in how to keep men in line. Her clients are wealthy, wronged women whose husbands have cheated on them, time and time again. But for a few thousand euro, The Baroness offers them restitution—and revenge—by any means necessary. No secret is out of her reach, and her own power, wealth, and connections make her very, very good at her job. With zero scruples, she will stop at nothing to fleece the richest bad boys in France.

The Baroness is happy with her life and considers herself untouchable…until she meets her soon-to-be mother-in-law. Suddenly, she finds herself struggling to keep her own fiance in check, and eventually she has to decide if she cares more about keeping her business or her marriage afloat.


Let me start off by saying The Seduction Expert has over 500 reviews on Goodreads and most reviewers give it a gushing 5-stars. So keep that in mind when I say that I absolutely hated this book. The premise is amazing: it’s like The Devil Wears Prada meets Sex and the City meets Hitch. What’s not to love?! But the writing is TERRIBLE. And The Baroness is TERRIBLE. Every other sentence in this book is a quick little one-liner that’s supposed to be witty and fresh, but only comes across as petty and tired. The Baroness, as a character, is woefully one-note. She’s vapid and uncomplicated, and I felt nothing for her. She isn’t funny, she’s isn’t relatable, and she’s definitely not likable.

And the writing, the writing. Good grief. It’s too much. Overwrought. Monotonous. Uninspired. Boring. Trying so hard to be clever and falling short every. Single. Time.

So, yeah. I really didn’t like this one. I kept waiting for it to get interesting, for The Baroness to develop in any way as a character, but that never happens. In fact, the book even ends on a cliffhanger (because I guess this will become a series), so I didn’t even get the satisfaction of a clean conclusion. I’m in the minority on this one, but ugh. Run away.

12 thoughts

  1. I am still baffled by the reviews and average rating this book has on goodreads. To be as straight forward as you, this book was just TERRIBLE. I wish I could say this is just my view and opinion, but come on, I can’t wrap my head around all those 5 star reviews. Seriously. H O W.

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    1. Good grief, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Seriously, I cannot understand those five-star reviews either. I rarely give out one-star reviews, but this book earned it. It’s so bad!

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  2. That’s definitely a straight forward review haha I have entered the Goodreads giveaway for this book a few times but haven’t win yet. I guess I should be glad for that because I don’t think I could endure reading through this book 😊 Great review!

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  3. Oh this is a shame-the synopsis sounded so good! Why are there so many good reviews on goodreads, people are usually quite honest on that platform? Good for you for telling it like it is though! Publishers can’t fault you for that, and if they do, you’re better off without their books.

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    1. I think the other people on Goodreads genuinely like the book, it’s crazy! I have no explanation because I thought it was so, so bad. I don’t understand. But what can you do? Sometimes you just don’t click with a book the way other people do…

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        1. Oh man, I feel like I see A LOT of fluff (kinda BS…) reviews out there. You can tell the difference between someone who is just reeeeally excited to be reading a free book and someone who is genuinely taking an honest look at it. I like the reviewers most who are willing to be critical—and maybe even unpopular with fellow reviewers and publishers. They aren’t all going to be 5-star reads, and even though it can be tough putting that 2-star review out there, especially when there’s a good chance the author will see it on social media somewhere, it’s important to (respectfully) do so when it’s called for.

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