Next Level Basic

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Stassi Schroeder

Gallery Books

April 17, 2019

320 Pages

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I don’t have much in common with Stassi Schroeder. I don’t care about musicals or serial killers or astrology. I’m meh about ranch dressing and fully-charged cell phones. I’m an introverted book nerd who would rather get punched in the face than blast my personal life onto the screens of millions of people.

And yet, holy smokes, I loved this book. I watch Vanderpump Rules religiously. Like, religiously. I’m not proud of that (but I guess that can be my basic bitch confession for the day?). I just love everyone on the show—especially the Toms ;)—and this book has a very similar vibe.

Stassi is honest and unapologetically herself. She confesses some pretty embarrassing facts: like how she awkwardly lost her virginity, how she experimented with a lot of, ahem, unflattering fashion stages, or how she is DEEPLY fascinated with serial killers. (Btw, I have definitely walked past a serial killer more than 36 times. The guy who sat behind me in class was absent one day and the next day we saw he walked into a university up north and murdered five people before killing himself. Creepy AF…)

What I love most about the book, though, is how uplifting it is. Stassi expresses a surprising amount of support for other women. I love her thoughts on relationships, sex, even hookups–how she says women are active participants in romantic relationships, not just there to passively be chased until they “give it up.” It’s actually pretty empowering. And her chapter on female friendships also surprised me by being really insightful. Honestly, I just wasn’t expecting her to be as balanced and gracious in her relationships as she is in this book. I’m impressed.

In short, I loved Next Level Basic. It’s a quick read and super entertaining. Five stars all the way.

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