Vegetables Illustrated

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America’s Test Kitchen

March 5, 2019

504 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon

I thought this cookbook was going to be a little boring. I mean, a whole book of nothing but veggies? But wow, it’s really packed with good prep advice and great recipes.

The cookbook has both a table of contents with all vegetables covered (there are almost 50 of them…) AND a list of all featured recipes categorized by their main vegetable component. So it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. (Of course there’s also a comprehensive index in the back, too.)

Each vegetable section starts out with a quick, one-page tutorial on how to prep and store the veggie, followed by recipes. Some veggies have a lot of recipes, some only a few. Most of the recipes call for meat, fish, or dairy, so don’t expect to find a lot of vegan options in here just because it’s a vegetable cookbook.

I recognize some of the recipes from other Cook’s Illustrated books, but there are plenty that I haven’t seen before. Mostly, I love how I’m learning the best ways to prep and cook these veggies. I appreciate the advice at the beginning of each section, but I also like the little how-to vignettes peppered throughout.

Ultimately, I have really enjoyed looking through this cookbook! I’ve learned WAY more than I expected to about vegetables, and I keep finding new things to try each time. Love, love, yum, yum.

Thank you to America’s Test Kitchen and Amazon Vine for the ARC!

4 thoughts

  1. How many dishes have you enjoyed eating out of this book? I have been wanting to eat them too because I don’t like eating a lot of meat. I will try more after having my baby hehe

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    1. I’ve cooked probably about five or six of the recipes in here. And some of them I was already familiar with. They’re all good so far! And I agree, it’s nice to have more veggies on the plate–though I like eating meat, too. πŸ™‚ But it’s all about balance. I hope pregnancy is still treating you well! 😊

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