March Recap!

Oh, March. You have tested me. This was a bit of a crazy month. We remodeled our bathroom—which is wonderful but also stressful. My son split his head open when he fell on a playground bridge…and hit a bolt on the way down. Just about everyone in the family got the flu and/or strep throat—all while I was finishing up my Master Gardener training classes. So yeah. It was a month. 😬

HOWEVER, we’re through it! Things have calmed down. No more flu, stitches are out, and I am officially a Master Gardener intern. I now have the wonderful pleasure of spending 60 hours in the garden this summer helping people with all things plant-related in order to become a legit Illinois Master Gardener. I am beyond thrilled and so excited that it’s finally warming up enough that I get to plant some stuff and talk to people about it. 😀

I also read some great books this month. Shoot, I’ve already some great books in April, too. I’ve been on a good-book streak (knock on wood), and it’s been fantastic. The only dud in this bunch was Whispers in the Alders, but I really enjoyed everything else. Click on the title to see my full review.

Sabrina and Corina

I also started a books-only Instagram account. I’d love to connect if anyone is up for it. Find me @bugbugbooks.

Happy reading, everyone. Sending good vibes to all!

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