Music Monday: Brandi Carlile & Sam Smith

I first found out about Music Monday from Mischenko at Read, Rant, & Rock and Roll. But apparently the original gangsta creator is Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek. Go crazy and check out their bookishly entertaining blogs, because they’re both great!

So here’s a little diddy I love from Brandi Carlile, featuring Sam Smith. Listening to these two sing a song together is like watching two adorable kittens play with each other. There’s just no way you come out of the experience feeling anything but the sweetest happiness. I’ve never seen Sam Smith live, but I would love to. And Brandi Carlile is basically a goddess. I dragged my husband to one of her shows last year, and despite the estrogen-heavy vibe, I think even he fell in love with her a little bit.

If you like this duet, I would strongly encourage you to take a listen to Firewatcher’s Daughter, Carlile’s second most recent album. She actually earned more Grammy nods and wins from the next album (her latest), By the Way I Forgive You, but Firewatcher’s Daughter is still my favorite.

If nothing else, I hope this video put a smile on someone’s face today (besides my own). Happy Monday!

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