Death Prefers Blondes

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Feiwel & Friends

January 29, 2019

448 Pages

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Margo Manning is a teenage socialite who acts like Lindsay Lohan by day and James Bond by night. To most people she’s just another useless spoiled and entitled rich kid. But what only a select few know is that Margo is also a thief—and a damn good one. She may have started small, just looking for something to distract her from the monotony of her privileged (but somehow dull) life. But now, with help from a small crew of friends—who all happen to be drag queens—she’s pulling off big jobs, stealing thousands of dollars worth of artwork, jewelry, cars, and the list goes on.

Margo’s life is chaotic but nothing she can’t handle. Most of the time, she prefers the excitement of risk to the boredom of playing it safe. But when her father dies unexpectedly under suspicious circumstances AND one of her con jobs goes terribly wrong (landing her on the ish-list of a notorious mob boss), even Margo starts to feel the heat. She and her team have to figure out how to take down her father’s murderer and get the mob boss off their backs, all without getting caught or blowing their cover. If you can’t already guess, much latex will be required.

This book is ridiculous. The premise that a bunch of mostly gay acrobatic teenagers go around like Ocean’s Eleven robbing museums and mansions without getting caught is insane. But I’ll tell you what, I loved this book! It is so fun and “out there.” It’s not anything like what I typically read, and while I wish the writing were a little tighter (I could have done with about 50% fewer adjectives and metaphors…), I still loved being swept along on this journey with Mallory and her friends.

I also thought it was interesting to see the romantic relationships between the boys develop. I don’t usually read books with homosexual relationships as the focal point, so that was different for me. Mallory gets a little love from her quasi-boyfriend, but the only (mild) sex scenes are between guys. So that was new.

I loved Death Prefers Blondes beginning to end. And I was even more happy to see author Caleb Roehrig already setting the scene for book two. I can’t wait. Bring on the latex, ladies!

Thank you to Feiwel & Friends and Amazon Vine for the ARC!

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