Flower Friday

Well, kind of Flower Friday! I haven’t been taking as many plant pictures lately, since it’s so cold outside. (This is what Chicago looks like right now… And yes, my dog loves to eat snow.)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a thriving indoor jungle! I think I have about, oh, 40+ houseplants at this point. It’s always a little tricky moving them all inside in the winter, but now I can’t imagine them not being inside. They make the house feel so cozy.

At any rate, here are some of my favorite plant babies. Hope everyone is staying warm out there!

4 thoughts

  1. Succulents are just the cutest and basically impossible to kill, so I 💕 them. 😂

    I seriously love watching my dog in the snow. She’s so happy. Do your collies do that thing where they run and eat the snow at the same time? I don’t even understand the appeal of that, but my dog does it every time, haha. 😄


  2. What beautiful plants! 😍 I love succulents!

    Not sure what it is about dogs and snow lol. 🤣 It makes my collies go crazy and they scoop it into their mouths like their starving for it. Your dog is so cute! I love this post. Thanks for sharing, Lorilin! ♥️

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