The New Essentials Cookbook (★★★★☆)


September 25, 2018

496 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon

The intro to this cookbook is outstanding, but I didn’t love the second half as much. The first 50 pages give advice on how to follow recipes, keep the kitchen sanitary and organized, stock basic ingredients (including spices), and prep ingredients (including knife skills). The next 50 pages talk about how to perfectly cook basic ingredients like scrambled eggs, fish fillets, brown rice, turkey breast, and the list goes on.

After establishing this solid foundation, the rest of the book is all recipes. Seven sections include breakfast and brunch, salads and bowls, sides, soups and stews, weeknight dinners, Sunday dinners, and baking. The recipes pack a punch in the beginning. I found a lot to love from the breakfast, salads, sides, and soups sections. But I haven’t swooned over anything from the two dinner sections yet. Both the ingredients and the execution of the recipes just don’t appeal to me. I’ve found a couple things to enjoy from the baking section, but, overall, I haven’t been wowed there either.

I love the advice, tricks, and lessons in the first half of the cookbook. I cook a lot, but I still learned a few things. Unfortunately, the recipes in the last few sections aren’t that great. If you’re willing to substitute two cookbooks for this one, I’d recommend looking at The Complete America’s Test Kitchen and America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School instead.

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3 thoughts

    1. It has technique in spades! I can definitely say you’ll like the first half. The second half could go either way, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Happy new year! 🙂


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