My Favorite Half-Night Stand

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Christina Lauren

Gallery Books

December 4, 2018

400 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon | BN

Millie Morris is a professor at UC Santa Barbara. Her four best guy friends—Reid, Ed, Chris, and Alex—work at the university, too. They’ve all been close for a while—and managed to stay close even after Millie broke up with one of their buds way back when. Now it’s just Millie and the guys, all hanging out with each other when they aren’t focused on their careers.

When the university announces an upcoming black-tie function, the five friends get serious and decide that they need to find real dates, and maybe even real relationships, STAT. They all create online dating profiles, cross their fingers, and hope the universe throws something good their way. The only problem is that Millie and Reid have a drunken hookup one night, and things get awkward. Even though they both try to laugh it off the next morning and move on without telling the others, there’s no denying that their relationship has changed. Unfortunately, neither one knows how to handle the situation, and things get…complicated.

Books by Christina Lauren (aka Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) have become my favorite guilty pleasures. Their stories are light, fun, and sexy, but with just enough depth and intrigue to keep me hooked. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is no exception. I know the story sounds predictable—and yes, the ending definitely is, but getting there isn’t. The authors move things along at such a quick pace, you don’t have a lot of time to guess what happens next. I was genuinely surprised at several points, which, for a rom-com-type book like this, isn’t typical.

And I love the characters. The “one girl in a group of guys” dynamic is unique and entertaining, and reading the group’s conversations over chat is hilarious. Those vignettes, almost more than anything else, helped give each of the characters their own individual personalities. I felt like I knew them, for better or worse.

Ultimately, this is such a fun book. I zipped right through it and loved every second. It was exactly the kind of escape I was looking for. πŸ™‚

Thank you Net Galley and Gallery Books for the ARC!

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