The Real Simple Method to Organize Every Room (★★★★☆)

Real Simple Method to Organize

The Editors of Real Simple   *   Real Simple   *   August 7, 2018   *   272 Pages

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The book is divided into ten sections. It gives helpful tips for organizing the entryway, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, home office, laundry room, kids’ bedroom, and outdoor spaces.

After a quick overview of general needs required by each room, each section lists tools (furniture, hooks, trays, baskets, etc.) that might help organize the space. There’s also a blurb on “small-space solutions,” followed by short organizing checklists to follow based on how many minutes you have to tidy (15 minutes, 1 hour, a weekend). Last is a two-page spread on how to keep the space neat and organized over time.

The advice in here isn’t earth-shattering. I discovered maybe one or two new tips, but most of the info is same-ol-same-ol. Still, I just love organizing books. I know it’s weird, but I read them to calm myself down—and this book is no exception. I love the bright pictures full of light, and I like the idea of fresh starts and organized chaos. It just makes me feel better about life. So even though this book isn’t revolutionary, I still give it 4 stars cuz it makes me happy.

Thank you to Real Simple and Amazon Vine for the Advanced Reader Copy.

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