Talk Triggers (★★★★☆)

Talk Triggers

Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin   *   Portfolio   *   October 2, 2018   *   272 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon | BN

The main point of this book is that your business’s sales will increase if you give your customers a story (a talk trigger) to tell their friends and family. For example, people talk about The Cheesecake Factory ‘s exhaustive menu and Hilton Double Tree’s warm cookies at check in. Give people a story to talk about, and they will market your brand for you.

The book outlines what counts as a talk trigger. Then it talks about how to create talk triggers, how to measure their success, and then how to expand and amplify them. In a nutshell, a talk trigger must be remarkable, relevant to your area of business, reasonable, and repeatable. It should focus on empathy, usefulness, generosity, speed, or attitude. You’ll know it’s working when customers feel compelled to share their experiences with others.

One of the sections I found most useful is the one on potential obstacles that you might face as you consider a new talk trigger for your business. Author Jay Baer states:

Employees and customers share an inability to envision things that are different. Different is hard. Different can be an unfortunate reminder of the unimaginative side of human beings… [Sometimes] the gatekeepers blocking your way are afraid the idea won’t work, which might blow back on them, or they’re worried that it will work and its success will somehow tarnish their reputation for creativity.

No matter what, though, Baer encourages readers to keep thinking outside the box to consider new ideas. Allow new ideas time to work, he says, yet don’t be afraid to abandon them if they aren’t. Above all, don’t let the haters get you down, and don’t give up.

Overall, Baer delivers a positive and empowering message using unique and creative strategies. I ended up really enjoying this book.

Big thank you to Portfolio and Amazon Vine for the Advanced Reader Copy!

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