August Recap!

I’m sitting here typing this as my three children are screaming at each other upstairs. It’s 9pm, and I’m dead tired. They all have school tomorrow, but who needs sleep? I love them, with infinite love. But…sigh.

Here are the six books I read in August. Click on the cover to see my full review:


How Hard Can It Be?

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win

You Gotta Have Heart

We Regret to Inform You

Differently Wired

Most of these were only just-above-average reads for me. So not that great. It’s crazy, though, because I actually read about fifteen books this month. Most will be published (and therefore my reviews posted) in the coming months. I’m kinda proud of myself, actually, because I’m almost all the way back on track with my ARCs. I didn’t think I’d ever get all caught up, but I’m almost there. Woot woot.

The one big disappointing thing this month is my gardening activity. I’ve been in the garden a lot, which is great, but I had almost no luck with the veggies I planted for the fall. And I know exactly what I did. I tried using a booster (basically an organic fertilizer) with my seeds and it did not go well. Well, the beans and snap peas are gorgeous, but everything else…not so much. So there’s obviously too much nitrogen in the soil blah blah. Lesson learned.

But oh well, I’m on to the next thing. I’m going to plant some cover crops in the raised beds, which will be a fun experiment. And I’m really excited to dig up some overgrown plants, divide them, and replant them in better locations. It’s almost fall, but there’s still so much to do. It makes me happy.

Looking ahead, I’ve got a lot going on in September. I’m just trying to take care of myself, my hubs, my kids, and my dog. (Sounds like a bad song.) I even started swimming again, just trying to get some me time in.

I’m looking forward to a happy autumn and many fantastic books. Sending good vibes to all!

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