Drunk Tag


So this is a tag post…as in, someone was supposed to have tagged me and then I would write the post. But I like the idea of it so much, I’m basically tagging myself. I heard about this tag through Milliebot Reads (check out her blog!). And it goes a little sumpin like this…



You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one of your mom’s Smirnoff Ices. What is one of your most guilty pleasure reads? 

When Life Gives You Lululemons

From the author of Devil Wears Prada. God, I loved When Life Gives You Lululemons. Such great characters and a fast-paced and surprisingly unpredictable story. Also, I had no idea that vaginal reconstruction surgery was so in-demand…



You’ve made it to college and are hosting your first kegger! Pick your favorite new adult or college-aged book.


Can I be boring and just suggest a book I read and loved in college? Tennessee Williams was like a revelation to me. He was such a gentle soul and a wonderful writer. I so enjoyed A Streetcar Named Desire.



You partied too hard last night and drank a liiiitle too much Jose Cuervo. What’s a book that you never want to see again? 


No no no no no. Nope. And Twilight the movie is even worse.



What’s a book that you read super fast?

Big Little Lies

Who didn’t love Big Little Lies? Holy smokes, Liane Moriarty is so good! And then the HBO mini-series?! Heaven.




You’ve thrown your inhibitions to the wind and end up having a sexy night you’ll never forget. What is your favorite smutty read? 


I remember that Lady’s Chatterly’s Lover blew my mind when I read it. Which is hilarious, because, in hindsight, it’s so cheesy and tame. But Story of O reeeeally blew my mind. And then I watched the movie and was like whaaaaa?



What’s the most twisted book you’ve ever read?

A Clockwork Orange

I don’t love gorey books. That shit freaks me out. I’d say the creepiest (respectable fiction) I’ve ever read is A Clockwork Orange. But I can think of a lot of other books-turned-movies that were twisted (by my standards):  The Silence of the Lambs, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Dolores Claiborne, IT, even One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.



The melting pot of alcoholic beverages. What is one of your favorite diverse reads?


I read The Book of Unknown Americans a while ago, but I still think about it. Seems especially relevant under Trump, unfortunately.



A drink that’s great in theory, but wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. What is a book that just didn’t live up to the hype? 

Sex and the City

I’ve probably watched the HBO series Sex and the City four times through. I thought I would love the book, but it was awful! I couldn’t even get through it.



Your favorite naked hardback.

Pride and Prejudice

I really love my yellow-covered copy of Pride and Prejudice.


Well shoot, that was a lot of questions. And a lot of books! Anyone else have some drunken favorites they’d like to share? 😀

9 thoughts

    1. I LOVED the Big Little Lies series! Weirdly enough, though, I don’t know how I feel about them making a second season. How can it possibly live up to itself, you know? Hopefully they’ll knock it out of the park, but it would be kinda depressing if it wasn’t as good…

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      1. I know, I feel the same…it’s just the worst when a series takes a nose dive after being amazing. I’m taking it she didn’t write a sequel to the book, so they’re just making it up on their own?


  1. Great answers! I also never want to see anything Twilight related again. I tried reading Clockwork Orange in high school and didn’t really understand any of it lol. I’m not surprised the Sex in the City book was a disappointment – the show was pretty good and had so many seasons. I never felt like the book could match up. I’m glad I didn’t bother reading.

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    1. I was so surprised by how truly bad the Sex in the City book was! I usually like books way better than their film adaptations, but, wow, it’s SO BAD. Unreadable bad. You definitely aren’t missing anything! 😂


    1. I love that, he’s just so good! I remember being struck by what a kind soul he was. Even in his writing, I just felt like I knew the guy and could relate. Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

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