June Recap!

Ten days into July and I’m finally doing a June recap, yikes. My family and I just got back from a trip to Madison, WI. It was fun (and crazy), so I didn’t have much time to write.

But June was good. My kids finally got out of school, and despite the many rainy days in Chicago, we managed to pass the time just fine. Lots of trips to the city, to the zoo, the pool, the beach, various botanic gardens, etc. It’s been chill.

2018.06.03 Lovelace Park Elise and Oren run 5

2018.06.19 Visiting Gerald at work Chicago skyline 1.5

2018.06.29 Lorilin in bathing suit 3

2018.06.28 Maps and Atlases 1

2018.06.18 Oren waters the plant 2.5

2018.06.26 CBG white daisy 2.5.jpg

As far as books… I managed to read four in June:

  • My Lady’s Choosing — an entertaining interactive romance novel, much like choose your adventure books. So flippin good.
  • Ask a Manager — very topic-specific, but helpful for those just starting out in the workforce
  • When Life Gives You Lululemons — another great book in the the Devil Wears Prada series
  • The Place to Be — a travel guide spin-off based on places that make you feel something

I also made it onto the Top 50 Reviewer list on Amazon, woot woot.

2018.06.04 Top 50 Amazon Reviewer close up

At night, my husband and I have been staying up late and watching old episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Hulu. (What can I say? After My First Bikini Wax, the guy will do whatever I want…) Season 1 is a little meh, but the seasons after have been everything I wanted them to be and more.


Otherwise, I’ve just been gardening and walking a lot, trying to take it easy and enjoy this down time. My kids are wild, but we’re having fun. It’s nice to have a little freedom and flexibility.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a little Janelle Monae. You’re welcome. Enjoy the warmer weather, everyone!


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    1. I know, that guy is a beast! I hate moving him indoors for winter and out for summer. I always end up messing up at least one of the leaves, eek. But he’s just so pretty to look at, so it’s worth it, haha. 😀

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