The Minimalist Kitchen (★★★★★)

Minimalist Kitchen

Melissa Coleman   ~   Oxmoor House   ~   April 10, 2018   ~   272 Pages

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So far, every recipe I’ve tried in this cookbook has been delicious. The book is divided into seven sections:

1)  breakfast
2)  main
3)  burgers, wraps, and sandwiches
4)  soups and salads
5)  sides
6)  drinks
7)  desserts

There is also a section in the very front about stocking your minimalist kitchen. Author Melissa Coleman gives tips on what you need in your pantry, which pans are essential, and which utensils and small appliances you really need. I agree with most of her advice, though we have extras of certain items (like measuring spoons and cups) because we use them so much. I will say that this section inspired me to clean out my spices–and made me realize that we had some in our cabinet that expired four years ago, eek… I’m usually such an anal retentive neat freak so, you know, gross.

So far, I’ve made blueberry bourbon biscuits (oh my god so good):


chicken pesto sandwiches (delicious)


and two mixed drinks, including Maple Salty Dogs (heaven):


Her recipes make sense, are easy to follow, and, most important, end with goodness. I’ve been happy with this cookbook so far, and I’m really looking forward to cooking more recipes. I don’t usually get excited about salads, but I am SO excited to make some of these salads. They look amazing.

Overall, a great bunch of recipes in an aesthetically-pleasing and easy to follow book. I’m super happy with this one.

Thanks to Oxmoor House and Amazon Vine for the advanced reader copy!

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