May Recap!

Monthly Recap May 2018

It’s the second day of June and I had to turn the heater back on in the house. Just thought everyone should know the cruelty that is Chicago.

In other news, I got back to reading this month. Seven books, which ain’t too shabby:

My Ex-Life was, by far, my favorite. I just checked out The Object of My Affection from the same author. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

May was a good month. I’ve been out in the garden at home. I started working again at the Chicago Botanic Garden, too. Plus, I’m still working like crazy at my kid’s school garden.

Such a gorgeous tree peony… #swoon

So yeah, a lot of gardening… But it makes me so happy. Just honest to God deliriously happy. I fall asleep every night thinking of weeds. I visualize pulling them—one here, one there, one here, one there—and I end up falling right to sleep. It’s kind of amazing. I dunno, these plants and me…apparently, we just click.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Have a good June, y’all!


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