The Cuban Affair (★★★★☆)

Cuban Affair

Nelson DeMille   *   Simon & Schuster   *   September 19, 2017   *   448 Pages

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After two tours in Afghanistan, Daniel MacCormick (“Mac”) is enjoying a quieter existence as captain of his charter boat, The Maine. He’s mostly content taking tourists out for leisurely cruises, but a small part of him misses the excitement of life and death missions.

While drinking a beer at his favorite bar one day, he’s approached by a group of Cuban exiles who (eventually) ask him to take part in their efforts to secretly recover a few million dollars and some priceless artifacts hidden in Cuba. The job is risky and dangerous, but, if completed, Mac would be filthy rich. At first, he’s unsure, but then he meets Sara Ortega, a beautiful Cuban-American woman who would be posing as his girlfriend during the assignment. Suddenly, Mac is all in—and only slightly unsure he’ll make it home in one piece.

 *   *   *   *   *

This is a fun little book that zips right along. The characters don’t have much depth, honestly, but the story is entertaining. The mysteries of the secret mission build nicely (albeit for a touch too long), and the last 130 pages of the novel are excellent. The relationship between Mac and Sara gets cheesy and unrealistic at times, but I didn’t mind. The point of this book is to get lost in the adventure, and I definitely did. Overall, a really solid read. I will definitely check out DeMille’s other (apparently very popular) books.

Advanced Reader Copy provided by publisher through Net Galley.

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