At Home with Plants (★★★★☆)

At Home with Plants

Ian Drummond & Kara O’Reilly   *   Weldon Own   *   September 19, 2017   *   176 Pages

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I like the look of this book more than I like the written contents. The book focuses mostly on houseplants, though it does give some recommendations for growing edibles inside (and not just herbs, either). There are two small sections on containers and plant care, but the majority of the book focuses on styling plants in different areas of the home—from bathrooms to kid spaces to living rooms to nooks, you name it.

The pictures are the best part of the book—very vibrant and inspirational. I liked seeing the many suggestions given for each space, though I did notice many favorites were repeated again and again:  Mexican gem succulent, spider plant, urn plant, peace lily, weeping fig, philodendron, swiss cheese plant, and aloe. Of course these plants are popular because they are easy to grow, but the repetition became really obvious over time.

Still, I enjoyed perusing this book. I came across a few ideas that were new to me that I want to try. And there’s no denying that it’s just fun and relaxing to look through a beautiful collection of plants, you know? It’s a lovely book.

3 thoughts

    1. It’s a nice little book! A little repetitive, like I said, but it still made me feel excited about my houseplants. It’s definitely worth checking out. 😀


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